Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Day of School 2015-2016!

The first day of the 2015-2016 school year at Black Butte School was a rousing success! The beautiful, sunny, warm September weather set a perfect backdrop for the many outdoor activities students experienced. One of the main goals of the first day was to begin building a tight trusting community that will support everyone as the year progresses. In the afternoon, students were challenged with a variety of team building games. They worked together, with older students helping younger students and everyone smiling the whole time. 

The photos show the students working together to beat the game "shark island," the culminating and most challenging game of the day. Students had to stay on the "island" (inside the rope circle) and "save" their own "floating" water bottles from the sharks lurking in the "water," without touching the water itself. They came up with a plan, executed, and triumphed. The best part was at the end when everyone gave high fives and cheered when all the bottles were saved from the sharks. With all this positive energy on the first day, this school year is sure to be one of the best ever!


  1. Used to love those first Fall days at Black Butte School: new shoes and lunchbox; fresh books and pencils; warm sun and crisp nights; and back in the grove again. 1959-64.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Celia! We love to hear BBS memories!