Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Beard is Back!

By Ace (grade 4)

Mr.Sharp’s mind blowing beard has returned! Why did shave his beard? Mr.Sharp said he was bored without it. Paisley said he probably looks better with it. We got used to him without it. He looks like he did before. Mr.Sharp and his mind blowing beard are perfect together.

He started to grow his beard in the spring and it grew into summer. When Rope and I went to his house in the summer to work we saw his beard. He had a slight beard, you probably could not see it from five feet away. That’s how Mr.Sharp’s mind blowing beard returned.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Save the Monarch Beauties!

by Audrie (grade 5)

Monarch butterflies are dying because of the reduction of milkweed. The Butterflies only lay their eggs on milkweed. The monarch butterflies are the symbol of Texas, Minnesota, Alabama, Illinois, West Virginia, Vermont, and Idaho.

Black Butte School went on a field trip with Karen Gentry. She took us to the new kid's fishing pond in Camp Sherman to plant milkweed. Talon and Weston said when they planted their milkweed, “we will tuck them in at night and kiss them and sing them a lullaby." Their scientific Name is Danaus plexippus.

I thought it was fun to go out with the whole school and I hope it helps the monarch butterflies come to Camp Sherman.

Creepy Halloween Creeps

by Jo jo (grade 5)

This month kids are excited for Halloween. This year lots of kids are going to wear really cool costumes. Some of the costumes that the kids at school are going to be wearing are mini mouse, vampire, soldier, and pokemon.

This year kids are excited for the annual fire station haunted house especially the scary people and the fog machines. Fog machines are a machine that puts out fog. Fog is silky white and floats around like clouds drifting in the air. This year people are predicting rain and snow.

Every year during Halloween time kids are excited for carving pumpkins. When you carve pumpkins you make a face on them and put them in front of your door. Also there is a tradition of trick or treating when you go to someone's door and after they open you say "trick or treat!" That is a way of saying, "give me candy." This Halloween will be a wonderful scary night.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Smoke in the Air

By Cody (grade 8)

In the clean crisp mountain air people are able to run free and have fun, but what happened before that? About a month ago the air was very hard to breath in with lots of thick smoke clouds. The smoke mostly came from a recent fire called the Milli fire it was caused by lightning and burned 24,079 acres 9 miles from Sisters, Oregon. The fire was able to make tons of smoke and keep burning for a month because it was fueled by dry timber and brush which made all that black smoke.

People didn't have a great time with the the smoke because when it gets in your lungs and eyes it irritating. Some people with asthma can't deal with the smoke because they don't have as much of lung capacity and the smoke is heavier than the surrounding air so it won’t come out of your lungs as easily. Lots of people were wearing masks which helped them keep the smoky air out of their lungs.

This impacted the wildlife by making it so the animals are in panic. Also the animals aren't able to deal with the smoke as well as we humans are. This also impacted the way humans are going to deal with the pollution of smoke the next time and this will make us more prepared.

Scott Henderson said ”the smoke was horrible.” Emily said “the smoke was annoying and inconvenient.” Something that we all can agree on is that this smoke has impacted us and given us more awareness to be prepared.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Total Solar Eclipse

By Emily (grade 6)

On August 21st, 2017 me and a lot of other Oregonians, including my classmates got to experience our first total solar eclipse. Eclipses like this are very rare. People are lucky to see one in their entire lives. You have to be in the right place to view it, or you have to travel to another state, or in extreme cases, another COUNTRY. Us Black Butte students didn’t have to go anywhere. We stayed right where we were. Well, I think my classmates did, anyway. I went to Sweet Home to see it. It was still the same experience, just not as long. Let me explain some of the reasons why the solar eclipse is so significant and special.

The last time a solar eclipse like this took place was February 26th, 1979. It crossed through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota. Of course, me and my classmates weren’t alive then, which is why it was awesome to have a total solar eclipse in 2017. When the moon was almost completely passed over the sun, it immediately went from bright and hot to dark and cool in seconds. All the previously singing birds stopped chirping, thinking it was night. The nature and wildlife was silent for the entire remainder of the eclipse.  

I didn’t see this, but flowers also close up during the eclipse preparing for sunset. I’m sure the animals were confused when it became light a minute later. They probably thought it was a really short night. Our dog and cat was outside the whole time, and they didn’t know what to think. When the solar eclipse was over, videos of it were scattered all over the internet just hours later. Ilya Goheen said: “It was actually pretty cool.”

As a lot of people know, staring at the sun for any amount of time during a solar eclipse can cause serious vision problems, temporary or even permanent vision loss. That’s why everyone needed to have those glasses. But you didn’t need the glasses the entire time. I took the glasses off and looked around at the trees and nature. It was really dark and cool. It sadly only lasted for like a minute and 40 seconds. It was disappointing when it was over.

The next solar eclipse will be on April 8th, 2024. It will be visible over North America, Mexico, USA and Canada. In case you’re wondering where it will be in the USA, it’s the state of Texas. If you want to see it you might have to do some traveling. I hope to see it, but who knows If I’ll be able to? I might just go to Texas in 2024 to see another amazing eclipse. Video footage can’t show how cool it really looks. You’d just have to see it yourself.  Cody Hanks said: “It was amazing.” I definitely agree.  
I’m really glad and lucky I got to experience this with my family this year. At first, I didn’t think this was a big deal, or that it was worth getting up at 10 a.m. during Summer break. But it’s totally worth it. I would have regretted it so much if I hadn’t seen it.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Forest Animals in the Spring!

By Kellen (grade 4)

It’s that time of year when the birds, bugs, and some animals are having babies. But why now? Why are so many creatures being born at the same time? Spring is the best time for babies to enter the world. The birds and bugs lay their eggs based on the temperature and what is happening in the weather. The weather is warmer and drier. Birds try to time when their eggs hatch, so their hatchlings will have lots of baby and juvenile insects to eat. Did you know that most birds come back to use the same nest most years? What baby animals and birds have you seen? I've seen the baby golden eagles hatching now in Sisters on the golden eagle cam

Trout Season Opening

By Jo Jo (grade 4)

Oregon has many rivers, which are available for trout fishing. Some are open all year, many are closed for a portion of the year to allow the trout to spawn and populate. The Oregon rivers closed are opening up, so soon you can fish in all rivers. 

There are usually a lot of people on the popular rivers opening day. On opening day, you can fish almost anywhere you want where the rest of the year you can only fish part or some of the rivers in specific parts because it is only open for that amount of time. When the whole river is open that is the best time to go fishing because that is when you can go to areas that were closed during the winter but are now open during the  spring. Winter is the time of year to start getting your fishing gear ready. 

Opening day in Spring is when you can go to the best places to fish. Still there are a lot of regulations on fishing, such as only useing on some rivers artificial flies and no lures. It is still really fun because you get to catch fish. Also native runs start to enter the rivers about this time of year. This is when the fishing is going to get really good because that is when the fish start to come up the river to start feeding on the flies and other bugs. When the weather warms in spring and summer, insects start to hatch and lay eggs. That is when there will be a lot of fishermen because that is when the fish will start to bite and fishermen will start to crowd the rivers.

I live near and fish on the Metolius river. It is one of the most famous rivers in Oregon and many fisherman know this river from around the world. This river is open all year in some parts and open in other parts starting on “opening day.” I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.
Bull trout migrating to spawn in a
tributary of the Metolius