Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Class: Computers and Coding

by Cody (grade 6)

We students at Black Butte School have been learning how to code. First, we use to use so then we can learn how to type and code. For example, it teaches us how to learn by making objects move with blocks of code. Each block contains 1-50 pieces of code. Also, we use Keyboarding without Tears, a program to practice our typing skills, so we can be able to type faster without looking. The keyboarding helps us code by making us able to make code faster for programs to read. helps by showing us how to move/make objects. Secondly, when we are with Mr.B we start working on what he says. For example, we start on so we can start working on our coding. For instance, we move angry birds around to catch bad piggies. Also, we make drawings by having our character move on a shaded line so we can darken the shaded line. Finally, Ilya (grade 6) said ‘’Coding is very fun. My favorite part is the angry birds because it is so fun and the graphics are cool.’’ So, my guess is that most people like computer class for what we do.
A screenshot from our angry birds lesson on 

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  1. Good job on this blog Cody ~ this sounds like it would be a lot of fun for you all. Certainly good skills to have for the future.