Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hoodoo's Winter Carnival

by Addison (grade 4)

This year Hoodoo had an amazing winter CARNIVAL!! At the carnival there were many attractions. There was a Dummy Downhill competition, snow sculptures, skiing and fun.

This year BBS competed in the Dummy Downhill with a dummy we named Buszilla. There were multiple contest entries for the dummy downhill. The Dummy Downhill is a contest where you try to get the most cheers as your dummy goes off a jump. You build something with a mannequin (aka a dummy) and it skis down a hill and goes over a jump. The biggest crash with the most cheers wins. These are some quotes that I got from my classmates Emily says “It was cold but the Dummy Downhill was fun to watch.” Also Jojo says “The part when the motorcycle dude crashed off the jump was crazy cool.” Mia says “The Dummy Downhill and the snow animals were really cool.” Also Keanan says “ It was exceptional and my favorite part was watching the Dummy Downhill.”   

There were two snow sculptures. One was a spiky alligator. The other was a Winnie The Pooh with a big honey jar and people could crawl into the honey jar.

Skiing was very fun. There were many people snowboarding and skiing down the hill. It was crowded and sometimes you would almost crash into somebody. There was day and night skiing and bonfires and fireworks.

So next year if you can take a trip to Hoodoo winter carnival, it’s super cool. Have fun!

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