Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Story of Mrs. M

By Addison (grade 4)

Mrs. M (Caroline Molesworth) just began at BBS as a student teacher and I think we all love her. She started going to college about 15 long years ago. She started out wanting to be a preschool teacher but then decided to be a elementary teacher. 

She says, “I want  to be a teacher because I value education's role in improving outcomes for individuals and society. Receiving a quality education from a young age can help people stay out of trouble and attain good jobs, which boosts the economy and saves money on things like rehabilitation and incarceration costs. Teachers can be interventionists, who get children the help they need to grow their potential and develop a growth-mindset for future success. I generally enjoy working with kids too!” 

She has three children, one 7 year old, an (almost) 2 year old, and and a 19 year old stepson. Her favorite food is pasta with red sauce. She says to make a good student the child must “have the mindset and willingness to learn, engage, and try.”  I will tell you Mrs. M is great to me and I bet everyone loves her to. 

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