Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween Party

by T the Shrub" 
(grade 5)

Shelby (grade 7) getting a scavenger clue out
of the "dragon's mouth"
On October 30th Black Butte School had a Halloween Party. During the morning, students and teachers came to school dressed up as a plant or animal from the local environment, but during the afternoon, the party truly began. During the afternoon, parents started arriving. They brought treats!!!!!!!!!!!! While the adults set up the treats inside, the students went on a scavenger-hunt. During the scavenger hunt, I was the first one to find a clue that everyone else was stuck-on.  At the end of the scavenger hunt there were M and M’s. Inside the treats looked great. Some of the treats included: finger hot-dogs, red Gatorade as blood, and make-your-own cupcakes.
Since we've been studying bats,
this was a popular costume
A spider about to devour his prey

Fun costumes at the cupcake station
Lady bugs make the best cupcakes!
Even Inanna's Mom dressed up
as the elusive unicorn.

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