Friday, November 20, 2015

What it Means to be Thankful

by Inanna (grade 6)

To be thankful means not to just say that you are thankful for something. It means to truly believe that the thing you are thankful for is something that other people might not have and is something you love. For example, Ilya (grade 6) said, “I am thankful for easy access to food.” All over the world kids Ilya’s age don’t have refrigerators and easy access to food and water. So to be thankful means to love that thing, be grateful for that thing, smile about that thing, and recognize that other people might not have it.

On Thanksgiving it is tradition for most Americans to have a big feast. We do this because of a feast of abundance between colonists and Native Americans. I am thankful that I get to be with loved ones and get all that yummy food on Thanksgiving. Not everyone can do this, for multiple reasons: because of the lack of food and maybe even the lack of loved ones. We need to realize what being thankful is.

Here are things some of the other Black Butte students said they are thankful for. Conner (grade 7) said, “I am thankful for life.” Shelby (grade 7) said, “I am thankful for life and my cat Mizery.”

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  1. Inanna ~ another great job! A good reminder for all of us.