Monday, November 14, 2016

Buy a Wreath from a BBS Student!

By Cody (Grade 7)

It’s the holiday season again and we’ve got wreaths to sell. Last year the Black Butte School made over 5500 dollars in wreath sales and we need to make a lot more this year. Four students have been selling wreaths for a long time: Conner, Cody (me), Ilya, and Kellen. Over the years students have raised lots of money for the PTO by selling wreaths. The money mostly supplies our end of the year overnight field trip.

Over the next few years, the Black Butte School needs to get money to buy some new playground equipment. The old equipment is breaking and cracking from old age. We have to raise thousands of dollars to be able to get new playground equipment and have it installed. All of us kids will be excited to get new playground equipment.

Buying a wreath will also help Black Butte School students to go on other field trips like, the end of the year field trip planned to the Oregon coast. We also will use the money raised to get school supplies, have pizza parties, and make our education great! Please support our school, I hope all goes well with selling and happy holidays!

If you are interested please visit our website: where you will find the order form on our home page. You can also find the form by clicking here. OR, you can email Jane Petke, at

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