Saturday, December 3, 2016


by Scott (grade 5)

Our class has been studying volcanoes this fall and my mind exploded with information after writing this blog. I hope yours will too!
Here are some definitions of some important aspects of volcanos...A key species is a type of species that starts life back up after a volcano explodes. A key species usually pops up in a dead zone. A dead zone is usually a zone that is all dead after the lava covers the land. There is usually only dead logs left. And what causes a dead zone is a lava zone. Lava zones are very destructive things and can cause a lot of damage to wildlife and homes. A magma chamber holds all of the magma underground so you can say the volcano lives off of a magma chamber. The lava explodes out of the magma chamber.
A crater can be caused by an explosion. A really big explosion has to happen to cause a crater. When craters are sometimes being formed by explosions, ash clouds can happen. Ash clouds are made entirely of ash and they cause a lot of air pollution when being formed.  

Finally, igneous rock is a lava rock that sometimes hardens under the earth's surface, forming granite. Sometimes this kind of rock cools from exploded lava on the earth's surface. One kind of cooled lava is obsidian.

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