Thursday, February 16, 2017

Writing For You

by Cody (grade 7)

For over a year Black Butte School has been writing articles to learn how to get new writing skills. This program was introduced by Ms.Sharp last school year, and this year has been taken over by Mr.Sharp. The articles have been about what happens in the school year and events that happen in the world. The school's process of writing is  brainstorming, making an outline, making a rough draft, peer editing, then making our final draft which goes out to you.

For class time we are given a hour to work on our article and after we have a week to work on our final draft. To decide, each 4th grade and up student comes up with an idea and then is called out to choose which idea they want. When working on editing each student is grouped up with another student then looks over the article while filling out a forum. After that, they talk and go over what could be better with each other’s articles.

Some articles get published on our blog (like this one), and others get published in our newsletter. That's the Black Butte School's journalism process. We will keep doing this for years to come to deliver our thoughts on the news of our school to you.

Students working together in journalism class

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