Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Music Class

by Conner (grade 8)

 Music class is fun to experience, but not as much to write about. Still I’m going to try my best in this article. Our teacher, Benji Nagel teaches us with enthusiasm. Music class is every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. We are starting by learning the ukulele. Older students might progress to guitars.

I’ve learned that the ukulele was introduced to Hawaii in 1879 from Portuguese. It has 4 strings. A guitar can have 4-18 strings, though usually 6 strings. Guitars were a part of the European renaissance, though scholars disagree how it was introduced to Europe. I’m really glad we are starting out with 4 strings and not 18 strings!

We’ve started by learning basic chords like C, D, G, and F. Smoke on the Water is one of the songs we’ve practiced using the chords. I’m looking forward to practicing more. Writing this article wasn’t so bad, but still music class is much more fun.

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