Friday, March 10, 2017

The Best February 14th Ever!

By Emily (grade 5)

This year, on Valentine’s day, everyone was SUPER excited. They couldn’t wait to hand out all their valentines, and tried to give them all out on the bus! All the valentines had a lot of thought put into them and everyone was very grateful. To celebrate Valentine’s day, we played a super fun game in morning meeting, called “Honey I Love You."
You had to walk over to someone and try to make them smile or laugh, by saying "honey, I love you." But if they smiled, they had to be in the middle. After a few rounds of that, everyone was bummed that we couldn’t play anymore, and we had to start class. However, everyone did get the chance to do something really fun in math class. We got to choose between various things to do, like these awesome connect-the-dot math sheets, origami, difficult math problems and cutting out paper hearts.
The lower graders made bags for everyone to put their valentines into, and they would leave them on their desks so people could come and drop them in. After an amazing recess, we went inside to Mr. B’s classroom. (Mr. Sharp teaches in there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.) He let us have one piece of our candy during snack time. Everyone took a while to finish theirs.
Shortly after, he assigned everyone to their journalism article. Now I’m writing about the amazing day we had on February 14th! Everyone struggled trying not to eat all their candy at once. (Some kids may have had another piece on the bus. But you didn’t hear that from me.)
Needless to say, everyone loved all their valentines and had a great time. We may not have had a big celebration, but it was still a very fun valentine’s day. I think everyone got lucky that we didn’t have to do our independent math problems that day, and we could choose some fun math-related activities to do instead. The game we played in morning meeting was also very fun, and I hope we play it again next year. Valentine’s day this year has been awesome; especially for my first year at Black Butte School. I hope next year isn’t any different! I love Valentine’s day.

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