Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Creepy Halloween Creeps

by Jo jo (grade 5)

This month kids are excited for Halloween. This year lots of kids are going to wear really cool costumes. Some of the costumes that the kids at school are going to be wearing are mini mouse, vampire, soldier, and pokemon.

This year kids are excited for the annual fire station haunted house especially the scary people and the fog machines. Fog machines are a machine that puts out fog. Fog is silky white and floats around like clouds drifting in the air. This year people are predicting rain and snow.

Every year during Halloween time kids are excited for carving pumpkins. When you carve pumpkins you make a face on them and put them in front of your door. Also there is a tradition of trick or treating when you go to someone's door and after they open you say "trick or treat!" That is a way of saying, "give me candy." This Halloween will be a wonderful scary night.  

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