Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Years Resolutions

By Audrie (grade 6)

Here's me singing and playing ukulele at BBS' Winter Performance
New year resolutions are very important when it comes to the new year. Some people have goals and some are just for fun.

Why are resolutions important? Well when it comes to resolutions people sometimes try really hard to make a difference in life or just the world in general. Some people, like Lily (grade 5) think that resolutions are important because, “it helps me through the year."  Mr. Sharp says, “it’s kind of like a fresh start for a new year." Emily (grade 7) thinks that resolutions, “help you become a better person." 

What are some other student's resolutions? “Hit a home run” says Ace (grade 5). “I want to learn more games,” says Zoe (grade K).

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