Thursday, April 4, 2019

2019 Ski & Ride Program Was a Success!

by Rope (grade 7)

Maddie crushing it at Hoodoo
How would you like to spend the whole day at a snowy mountain and snowboard or ski? The Black Butte School District does the Ski & Ride program every year and I think it is a fun experience to be at the slopes. It is a special opportunity because most schools don’t get to do this. It is a unique way to learn and have fun at the same time. It taught us to be able to ski and snowboard and to be able to do it in the future.

This year, we had two snowboard instructors and four ski instructors. The snowboard instructors are Amy & Micah. The ski instructors are Cheryl, Ronda, Donna, and Lorna. All the instructors teach different levels of skiing and snowboarding ranging from "never done it before" to experienced riders. The instructors were happy to be able to do the program with us and to be able to teach all the kids to snowboard and ski. There were eight snowboarders and 20 skiers this year.

Most days up at Hoodoo were a blast. On the 15th, there was a lot of powder and it wasn't raining or snowing hard in our face. The top was clear, and I thought that it was the best day of the season. The only bad day was when it rained but then overnight it froze. When we got out it was slick as could be. Also on the 15th the

Maddie said, “we have lots of fun on the mountain. There is lots of crashing! I have a story of a day when we found a secret trail. It was a very powdery day and we were skiing from Powder Valley 3 to Headwall, the whole way through the trail running into trees crashing into each other and falling into powder. We finally got out with pockets and hoods filled with snow!”

The ski & ride program is just a fun and educational way to learn and we have fun. We are also an awesome school to be able to do this every year!

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