Thursday, April 4, 2019

Laird Superfood

by Lily (grade 5)

In Sisters, Oregon there is a company called Laird Superfood. It is expanding very rapidly and might soon be the biggest company in Sisters.

The owner is named Laird Hamilton. He is famous for high-wave surfing in Hawaii. He started a company because wanted to have healthier coffee and coffee creamer. So he started the company in 2015 for healthier more energetic filled cup of coffee. Since then, Laird Superfood has been doing great and has decided to expand even farther in Sisters.

The growth of Laird Superfood is going to have a HUGE impact on Sisters. The little town could soon be a really large town, maybe even the size of Bend or Redmond! Schools will be bigger, there will be more houses, and there will definitely be a lot more people for the well-paying jobs. Jojo said “I think it will make Sisters a more populated town.”

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