Monday, May 8, 2017

Hiking Upstream

By Ilya (grade 7)

On Friday the 14 of April, Black Butte School set on an adventure. They saw flowers, trees, birds, and beasts. They went through meadows and forests until we were back at school. We experienced nest building, drew our findings, and experienced “storms”.

Our hike began with walking, lots of walking. We talked and looked at many plants. We saw birds and rare flowers, like the Trilium. After a while we came to a stop to play a game. We were to build nests with our “beak” (our fingers taped together) it took us a while and there were lots of sticks being rushed around the clearing. After that we looked at each others' nest. During this time Ace found a real nest!

After that we did a silent hike until lunch. It was very fun to hear the birds and look at plants with no distractions. At lunch we ate and were very loud. Some people were running around and yelling while others ate calmly. I even had water spilled on me.

The hike resumed once everyone was done. we walked for a while talking and having fun. Mr.Sharp showed us some “squirrel cafeterias” where they ate pinecones. When we stopped it was to draw plants. Some people drew stuff along the river while other went farther out.

BBS had an educational trip filled with fun and wondrous sights. We traveled for nearly six hours and at the end we were very tired of learning and walking.

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