Monday, May 8, 2017

Trout Season Opening

By Jo Jo (grade 4)

Oregon has many rivers, which are available for trout fishing. Some are open all year, many are closed for a portion of the year to allow the trout to spawn and populate. The Oregon rivers closed are opening up, so soon you can fish in all rivers. 

There are usually a lot of people on the popular rivers opening day. On opening day, you can fish almost anywhere you want where the rest of the year you can only fish part or some of the rivers in specific parts because it is only open for that amount of time. When the whole river is open that is the best time to go fishing because that is when you can go to areas that were closed during the winter but are now open during the  spring. Winter is the time of year to start getting your fishing gear ready. 

Opening day in Spring is when you can go to the best places to fish. Still there are a lot of regulations on fishing, such as only useing on some rivers artificial flies and no lures. It is still really fun because you get to catch fish. Also native runs start to enter the rivers about this time of year. This is when the fishing is going to get really good because that is when the fish start to come up the river to start feeding on the flies and other bugs. When the weather warms in spring and summer, insects start to hatch and lay eggs. That is when there will be a lot of fishermen because that is when the fish will start to bite and fishermen will start to crowd the rivers.

I live near and fish on the Metolius river. It is one of the most famous rivers in Oregon and many fisherman know this river from around the world. This river is open all year in some parts and open in other parts starting on “opening day.” I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.
Bull trout migrating to spawn in a
tributary of the Metolius

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