Monday, May 8, 2017

Save the Earth!

By Shane (grade 5)

Earth Day gives us a chance to be aware of protecting our planet. We need our planet to survive. Our planet is special and one of a kind and so are we. We can conserve energy by not using our cars and using electric cars instead. We can recycle and reuse items. We can have more recycle bins than trash bins. We can refuse to use plastic straws, utensils or anything plastic for only one time use. What if we banned these one time use items? Our plants and animals are being killed and destroyed and becoming extinct. We need to replant more trees and protect the animals that are becoming extinct. In my lifetime I want to help save the earth by keeping the forests healthy and not letting mankind destroy it. I want to decrease the cities buildings and create more natural habitats. I want to save the wolfs too!

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