Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Letters From Our Ghanaian Pen Pals

by Inanna (grade 6)

The letters we received from Ghana
This school year each student, third grade and above, got a pen pal from Ghana,  a country in West Africa. We will hopefully send three letters to our pen pals and they will send three to us. The K-3 students chose one of the Ghanian students to write to. One of the kids, Nana Yaa, is practically a princess! Her Grandmother is the mother of the King of the Ashanti region. Ghana is split into regions, and the Ashanti is one of them. The Ashanti were once very rich and powerful. Mr. Sharp told us that the kids there might talk about being part of the Ashanti with great pride.

Maddie's (grade 1) letter
Most of the students here at BBS really enjoyed getting the letters. Conner (grade 7) said, “I enjoyed reading a letter that a student from Ghana wrote about what life is like over there and what types of entertainment they have.” Some of the questions that we asked them in our letters were: What religion do you follow? What do you look like? Do you have any siblings? and many more. We will be keeping in touch with the kids in Ghana for hopefully the rest of the school year.