Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Years Resolutions

By Audrie (grade 6)

Here's me singing and playing ukulele at BBS' Winter Performance
New year resolutions are very important when it comes to the new year. Some people have goals and some are just for fun.

Why are resolutions important? Well when it comes to resolutions people sometimes try really hard to make a difference in life or just the world in general. Some people, like Lily (grade 5) think that resolutions are important because, “it helps me through the year."  Mr. Sharp says, “it’s kind of like a fresh start for a new year." Emily (grade 7) thinks that resolutions, “help you become a better person." 

What are some other student's resolutions? “Hit a home run” says Ace (grade 5). “I want to learn more games,” says Zoe (grade K).

High Desert Museum

by Rope (grade 7)

The High Desert Museum is a awesome place to see all the desert animals that we might see here in the high desert of Oregon. Every time I go to the museum I have a blast. It is a great place to learn about reptiles, spiders, birds, otters, fish, and eels.

At the High Desert Museum you can learn about all sorts of  animals. When we went we got to see three otters and most of the kids liked the otters the best. There also was a huge room that had a whole bunch of reptiles and a few spiders. One kid liked the spiders the best. There are a lot of birds and there was a really cool eel that stayed by the glass the whole time. It was a awesome thing to look at. 

On the way back to school a lot of the kids were tired and the bus was quieter than normal. The teacher Mr. Sharp said, “I love the High Desert Museum. It was one of my favorite trips of the year and I liked how the kids had a good experience.” The High Desert Museum is a good place to go if you need to get a refresher or learn about some desert animals and as Joseph says, “It was very educational”.

The High Desert Museum was a really great time and you can have a great time too if you go there. Every time I go I have a blast. When you go I hope you get to see all the exhibits.