Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Madness

by Conner (grade 7)

March Madness has come to Black Butte School.  Mr. B has challenged the older class to complete the NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket for 2016.  There are 68 teams competing in the NCAA Tournament divided into 4 regions (south, west, mid-west, and east).  On the bracket we have to choose which team will win each game, narrowing it down to one overall winning team.

Some students are deciding winning teams randomly or flipping a coin, while others use team stats to make logical decisions.  I am using the web-site to look at stats.  I’m using the stats on average offense and defense to help me decide.  Using the stats uses math in the real world.

As a class we will study results and add up who gets the most teams right.  There may be a prize for the person that has the most teams correct.  Mr. B and Scott McNitt, our bus driver, are completing brackets too.  It’s fun to have a competition.  Black Butte School is in the spirit of March Madness.