Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Martial Arts in Sisters

by Talon (grade 5)

Martial Arts is a sport of discipline, humility, and respect. At the same time it is fun and you learn how to defend yourself. My Martial Arts teacher's name is Master K., who runs Outlaw Martial Arts in Sisters. Master K. shows a ton of discipline by practicing Martial Arts all the time. Master K. is also very respected and humble.

The types of martial arts classes we do are kickboxing, belt testing, boxing, sparball, MMA, and BJJ. We practice a lot of kicking such as slide kicks, single kicks double kicks, triple kicks and spinning back kicks. 

Reptiles All Over

by Scott (grade 7)
Snake Hibernating

Most people don’t know what reptiles do in the winter and I would like to tell you in this article. A  lot of people don't know what a reptile is or they have made up some crazy idea of what they are. Let me tell you what they really are. Reptiles are cold blooded animals. That means their body temperature regulates depending on the temperature around them.  Hibernation is something a reptile does so they do not die in the winter and to get them ready to mate in the spring. They get ready for hibernation by eating as much as they can and then they go into a deep sleep for the winter like bears.      

Reptiles hibernate so they can mate. Reptiles mate in the spring  and to get ready to mate they have to hibernate. They hibernate by hiding in a very deep hole and sleeping until spring comes. When they hibernate you can often find several snakes in the same hole. They cannot hibernate if the hole is not deep enough.        

Snakes can hibernate anywhere it doesn't matter as long as the hole that they choose to hibernate is deep enough. When snakes hibernate they go into a very deep sleep. If they do not hibernate they will die because it is too cold for their bodies. They need a certain temperature to stay alive and healthy. Now you now what reptiles are doing this time of year.  

The Wonders of Dance

by Maddie (grade 4)

This fall/winter season there are a lot of BBS students doing dance at the Sisters Dance Academy. There are  tons of different dances like jazz, hip hop, Irish, contemporary, and ballet. This season the theme for the show is Christmas Stories.

All the classes are doing Christmas songs from stories. You get to play games and have fun with friends and you can make new friends also. The teachers are really nice. Their names are Lonnie, Shannon, McKenna, Tiffany, and Kayla. These teachers will help you learn dance.   

At the recital tons of people are watching you do the dance that you learned. You will have a rehearsal before the recital to practice your final moves and learn the stage. For the recital you will have to wear a costume, at the end there is a finale. The finale is when all the classes get together and do a group dance. This year our recital is December 15th.   


By Lily (grade 5)

This year at Black Butte School we got up our tetherball up which has been down for a long time. The way you serve is you hold the ball and throw it up. The way to hit it without getting hurt, you hit the ball with your forearm. You can have fun without getting hurt. A lot of kids have fun playing it at recess and have competitions. Scott said, “It is very fun!”

Lots of the boys play two-hand touch football during recess and have a lot of fun with that as well. They usually play every recess. Ace said, “It is very, very fun.”  It’s one of their favorite fall sports to play. We play football in the spring as well.

Some of our kindergardeners play on the tire swings a lot at recess. They will call the name of the person they want to push them. They love the tire swings. They always have a lot of fun. They sing songs and laugh together every recess.

A lot of kids enjoy playing soccer at recess. And they have Mr. Sharp go into the shed and get soccer balls out, but there are not enough balls for everyone to play. So Mr. Sharp gets out volleyballs as well. Soccer is super fun and always is competitive and awesome. I hope that everyone has a great time at r


The Geese Migration!

by Joseph (6)

I think that geese are cool. Geese are passing through Camp Sherman as they are migrating down south for the winter. They fly in formation to help each other get lift. You will see lots of geese this time of year, be careful, they are very protective.

The ones we see in Camp Sherman are Canadian geese. As the name suggests, they migrate from Canada and head down south for the winter. They do this to get more food, because the cold weather kills all their food.

Geese are one of my favorite birds, I have always liked them. People still hunt them and I think  it's sad that they get shot. However, sometimes it’s good, because we need food. We all know about geese, but someday I hope to learn even more.

Squirrels in the Fall

by Daniel (grade 7)
photo credit: lightpoet/123RF

Squirrels are getting ready for winter. They are putting leaves and pine needles into their dens for their nest. They are making their dens bigger. Ground squirrels can dig tunnels as long as twenty feet. All the squirrels are communicating to others, and helping other squirrels prepare for winter. They are a very social animals and often help each other.

Squirrels hunt for food during the fall. They harvest pine seeds, and other foods that have lots of fat, so they have food during winter. They can eat most seeds. They can also eat insects. They hibernate during winter. They sleep for one or two weeks. Then they eat some of the food they stored and go back to sleep. They can go for weeks without food. They are a very adaptable animal.

They are an amazing animal and can do a lot of different things. One of the many things is climbing. They are great climbers and can run up trees super fast. They can even jump more than ten feet. They are also known for there speed and agility. They are one of the most interesting animals on earth, and  we can learn a lot about them. Even if it's hard to live with them in your hair.

Fall Sports

by Audrie (grade 6)

Fall is here! So that means we are bringing on the fall sports. Some of the sports kids in the area are playing are soccer, volleyball, and cross country.

We have some kids at BBS who play these sports. The people who play soccer are Clover and Zion. Clover says “I just like the thrill and the exhilaration of kicking the ball, and scoring goals, it’s  just super fun!" Soccer is a very popular sport. Some people may refer to soccer as football. Soccer has been around for a long time since about the 18th century. Sisters has some really good soccer teams. Just a few years ago the took first place in the state championships.

As I said, volleyball is also played a lot. At BBS we have two people who play volleyball, who are me and Maddie. There have been a few people who want to play volleyball, so Mr.Sharp has been letting us get some volleyballs out to play with at recess. Sisters also has an amazing volleyball they have gone to nationals a few times, and it is a start of a new season I can't wait to see what will happen this year.

And now Cross Country, we don’t  have any students who run cross country. But with Mr.Sharp we run on trails in Camp Sherman sometimes we run short distances and sometimes we just run in circles. Some former students have done cross country like Conner, who was here at BBS until about 1 year ago. He is still running cross country. At BBS we do a physical test so we run a mile every Spring and every Fall.

Phoenix Ries: Child Development Specialist

by Addison (grade 5)

Phoenix started at Black Butte School at the beginning of the school year. She seems super cool and we like her. Phoenix came to work at Black Butte School because she loves the size of the school and loves how much we go outdoors. She also loves our size so she can get to know all the families!

She wanted to be a school counselor because she likes to have relationships with the kids and their families. I've only talked with her once but it seems her counseling school payed off!! She is super awesome and exciting! I can’t wait to visit her again!

Phoenix likes to work with kids because she loves to work with their energy and we are all so lovable!  We do energy exercises Sometimes we have so much energy we can feel it! She also feels when working with kids there is hope. She is full of hope!

Phoenix is a great person and she is super cool and I hope you get to meet her yourself someday!

Black Butte Hike

By Rope (grade 7),

The Black Butte Hike is a pleasurable and dusty hike. Every year we get to go up to Black Butte as a school and hike it. Some parents come up and all the kids get good exercise and get to experience the Oregon weather. Black Butte is 3,076 feet tall and it is a 3 million year old volcano. It last erupted 1,430,000 years ago but it does not plan to erupt soon.

On the ride to the mountain we had a loud and bumpy ride. When we were on are way to Black Butte all the kids were loud and yelling but some kids were reading and doing homework and being quiet. When we hit the rock road up to the trailhead it got bumpy. When we hit the rocky road it got louder because the kids got more excited and more hyper and the bus started to rattle really loud which made it even louder. The teacher had to keep on telling the students to calm down and lower their voice.

During the hike it was very dusty and it was also really hot. All of the kids got really hot and some of the younger kids got dusted out by the taller and older kids. Some of the kids got to get carried by the older kids because they got to hot. When we got closer to the top we started to get little breezes of air which felt really good. We were lucky it was not like last year were it was freezing cold and very windy there was even little patches of snow on the ground last year. At least we had a nice day for a hike.

When we got to the top we at lunch and during lunch. We saw a sharp shinned hawk and it was cool. Then after we ate lunch we started to look at the mountains as a class and we looked and named the mountains we saw. We saw Mt.Hood, Mt.Jefferson, Broken Top, The Three Sisters, Hoodoo, Three Finger Jack, and the tallest point we saw was Mt.Adams which is all the way in Washington. When we were about to head down the mountain we saw a short horned lizard. 

The Black Butte hike was a exciting and awesome experience. Most of the kids are excited to go next year and you should go to. Lets just hope it is nice you go because you need to go on the right day.