Thursday, April 20, 2017

Going in Circles

By Cody (grade 7)

From The Western times to the Modern times Sisters has been in Oregon for over a century but now has to deal with the issues of cars and traffic. For a short while, Sisters had traffic lights installed at the corner of Barklay road and Highway 20, but they then were taken down. Since there have been more traffic accidents. Sisters decided that they should put in a roundabout to make it so then there wouldn’t be that many accidents. There isn’t that much information on why they decided on a roundabout, but here is some information and people's thoughts on the roundabout.
Photo by Jim Cornelius, The Nugget News

The roundabout is being constructed from 7am to 7pm by knife river. It will be close to Bi-Mart and Best Western. Right now they are blocking off Barklay road, so they can put their supplies there. They have also had to keep laying de-icer on the road because it has been icey. There is only one other roundabout in sisters, and this roundabout on the main road/highway will probably look similar the one other roundabout.

There are mixed feelings about the roundabout in Sisters some students like it and some hate it. This is what people think on the roundabout being built in Sisters. The main reason that people like it is because it can cause less accidents to happen there. It also can use no electricity to to work unlike traffic lights. Athan said “I would either have a roundabout there or some street lights there because people wait there for ten mins for people to go or stop.”

There are also students who hate it because it could destroy wildlife,cause more accidents, and make it slower to get in and out of Sisters. Ilya said “I don't think we need it because it's going to destroy more wildlife in sisters and it will soon close off the road making people take more time to do things.” The roundabout will be very odd but people just will have to wait and see.

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