Thursday, April 20, 2017

Winter Enrichment Class: "Make"

By Eniat (grade 6)

Here at Black Butte School one of the winter classes is called "Make." It is dedicated to creating and tinkering, and is pretty awesome. Some of the projects we have done so far are making birdhouses, collage, and a 3D cityscape. The first thing the students made was a picture of Thomas Edison but we didn't know what it was when we started. “I think,” said Conner one of the 8th graders at BBS. Scott says, “it's very fun and interesting.”
For the cityscape and moon sketches we did step by step instructions. Also for the cityscape we were allowed to add more buildings and detail after we finished. For the collage we cut pictures out of magazines, but we had to use at least 3 painted papers we made in art class. Our moon sketches aren't finished yet but they look very cool so far.
One of the things about the moon sketches is that we have to do a lot of shading which is hard. All and all I think "Make" class is awesome and fun with collage, cityscapes, and more.

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