Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Fantastic Yearbook Class

By Rope (grade 5)

Last year's yearbook

Black Butte School is creating a fantastic yearbook this year for the school. In the beginning of the year, we all learned how to use Treering. Treering is a computer program where our school can make a yearbook and the families can buy the yearbook. Next, we learned how to make it and we got assigned themed pages. After we got assigned pages we worked on them and put pictures on the pages. We also had to think of a theme for the whole book. We all voted on which theme to choose. The title is keep calm and sign my yearbook. Last but not least, we get to make our own personal pages. On these pages we can put any school pictures on so we can remember our friends. Those pages will only print in our yearbook. When we finish our yearbook we get to sign other people's yearbook. I can't wait to see our yearbook this year and I hope the rest of the school is too.

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