Thursday, April 20, 2017

FULL Solar Eclipse This Summer

By Jo Jo (grade 4)
This summer in central Oregon we will experience a full solar eclipse in the morning of August 21 2017. A solar eclipse is when the moon directly crosses in front of the sun and makes it completely dark. Even though the sun is farther and bigger than the moon, the moon can still cover its rays sun because it comes between earth and the sun. The last time a solar eclipse happened in the continental US was 38 years ago.

Did you know that earth is the only planet a solar eclipse can happen on? In central Oregon more than ten thousand people are going to attempt to climb up mount Jefferson to get a full view of the solar eclipse. When the solar eclipse happens it will be as dark as night and you will be able to see stars and constellations. Also there will be a ring of light around the sun that is called a diamond ring. The diamond ring effect is caused when the moon crosses in front of the sun and the sun makes a ring around the moon. This will be a fun and a rare experience for us to be in a full solar eclipse.

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  1. Hi Black Butte Students,
    I'm wondering if your community is doing anything special for this upcoming HUGE event? Are there going to be any volunteer opportunities or is your school going to sponsor a community event? Do you think people who want to come to your community during the eclipse should plan ahead?
    Thanks for your advice.
    Mary Kraus,
    San Diego, CA