Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Art Program with Annie Painter Begins!

Black Butte School students had a fantastic morning as they worked together to create an abstract painting in their first art class. Students explored color and design by mixing colors and painting unrealistic designs freely. This method allows students to learn basic art skills without worrying about getting it 'right.' One student described his experience, "when I had different emotions, I changed the color." Another said, "I was just doing it!"
BBS students are lucky to have Annie to help them develop art skills and enhance their creativity 2-3 days per month throughout the year. Anne plans to first teach students basic art and design skills, such as colors, moods, design principles, and form. Once students have a solid grasp of these, they will begin to combine art with their field studies themes. For example, students will learn how to create scientific botanical drawings through nature observation and design their dream community using only natural materials. Student work will be installed school-wide for the community to enjoy and will be organized so each child has a portfolio of work. 

Annie Painter is a former award 
winning Oregon elementary principal with experience as an elementary classroom teacher (K-6), and high school fine arts teacher. She spent three years as a national arts and literacy coach and has taught more than 3000 teachers through her graduate courses and workshops. Annie continues consulting and teaching through Portland State University from her studio and homes in Sisters and Portland. Annie's teaching videos can be found on YouTube and at www.anniepainter.com Black Butte School is so fortunate to have Annie as a part of our community!

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