Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter Birthdays

by Inanna (grade 6)

Over the past few months there have been multiple birthdays here at BBS. Kids going from child to…well, older child. Here are our lucky rascals: Ilya, Makiha, Emma, Sawyer and Audrie. They have all celebrated and had fun. Sadly, most of them celebrated without the rest of us students. What a bummer! We are so fun!
One of the birthday girls, Audrie, brought in lovely cookies. We sang an amazingly off key “Happy Birthday,” though she seemed to like it. Then we ate our beautiful  pink and white cookies. I have to say, they were pretty good. It was very fun. 
Inanna (6) 
On another note, I am doing a project involving birthdays, it is an astrological project, where I find out what zodiac signs the other kids are and study them. So far, I have figured out that there are two Capricorns, one Aries, two Gemini, three Cancers, three Leos, one Virgo, one Sagittarius and two Aquarians. That’s a lot of diversity sign-wise. Astrology is the study of the zodiac signs according to the stars and planets. The zodiac signs are separated into four categories, earth, water, fire and air. At BBS there are mostly fire and air signs and some water and earth signs.

BBS has had many student birthdays and has more to come! I will keep on working on my birthday project to learn some more about the kids' signs, and write about it again. All in all, this year students will be going from little kids to big kids and from big kids to TEENAGERS!! Wow, what a change.