Thursday, January 11, 2018

COCC Solary Array

By Eniat (Grade 7)

On Wednesday the 1st of November the upper graders of Black Butte School went to COCC Redmond campus to see their solar array. Once we got to the campus we went to a classroom to learn about different types of energy. The main types of energy are hydroelectric, solar energy, fossil fuels, biofuel, and wind. In all of these 6 types of energy solar is the only one that does not use a generator.

On the bus we were asked to come up with questions to ask the professor we worked with. One of the more common questions was “will the panels work with snow on top of them?” The answer was yes the panels work with snow on top of them but not as well.  Another common question was “will the panels work with the reflected sunlight of the moon?” The answer was also yes but not as well.

The solar array has 1556 solar panels. This array  can power the campus during the summer and actually makes extra energy that they can to the power company, but in the winter they don’t make enough to power the campus, so they have to buy the energy from the power company. Ilya one of the 8th graders at BBS said “It was a really enjoyable field trip.” Athan, one of our 5th graders said, “I liked it and am happy that solar panels were invented so we don’t have to use fossil fuels as much.”

This field trip was fun because we got to go into a college classroom, touch an actual solar panel, and track the amount of energy they were making.

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