Thursday, October 29, 2015

Art Days Making Art Books

Shelby (grade 7) and Inanna (grade 6) busy making art
 by Cody H. (grade 6)

Black Butte School has Annie Painter come to instruct us students on how to paint like an artist.We students were so excited to paint and learn how it is done. When we went to make art we were in three stations to learn how to paint different kinds of colors. We made colors like crazy! The colors we made were red, blue, green, violet, orange, red-orange, yellow-orange, green-yellow, green-yellow, red-violet, and blue-violet. We made lots of papers and helped each other out in learning the process of art. Our final products for this project were “art books” that include uniquely shaped cut-outs of our colored and textured papers, and blank pages for us to use for future drawings or paintings. I am excited to use mine to practice drawing in.
Maddie (grade 1) with her art book

The Black Butte School loved being with Annie and mixing and painting colors. Many students said, ‘’it was so fun!’’ I think that all of us liked having Annie Painter over and we were all so proud of ourselves when we had our completed books. We hope to see her again soon to do more painting and explore what we can do with art. We say to annie painter, “thank you for teaching us how to paint!”

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  1. Oops! My comment on the bat houses was suppose to be for this blog! See those kids are much better at this stuff than some of us older ones! Good job Cody.