Friday, October 16, 2015

Awesome Day at Suttle Lake

Our class working together to balance a platform,
one of the many team building activities we did at Suttle Lake
by Conner (grade 7)

On Friday, October 2nd we went to Suttle Lake Camp for the school day. Adaptation was our theme for the day. In the morning, we played cooperative games to help with our teamwork skills and learn how we as individuals can adapt to new situations. In my favorite cooperative game, we had to work together to all cross a “hot chocolate river” with “marshmallows.” What it meant was we had to cross the ground between two lines (about 30 feet apart) by only stepping on mats (the marshmallows) set at different spaces apart. It was hard because someone always had to be touching a marshmallow and couldn’t fall into the hot chocolate. It took a lot of teamwork and took a while for us to figure out how to do it successfully. But we did it and felt great afterwards.

Four students work together to make a mythical creature
 adapted to the environment at Suttle Lake
After lunch we got to play gaga ball, a silly game similar to dodge ball. We then headed down to the lake to learn about how plants and animals adapt to different environments. We made imaginary animals that would live at Suttle Lake with adaptations for the environment. Kellen, grade 3, said “I liked the animal that Makiha and I made because it had armor like an armadillo. We made its armor with two layers of bark.”

It was a fun day. Since I live at Suttle Lake I didn’t have to ride the bus. This made it even better.