Thursday, October 29, 2015

Batacular! Making Bat Houses

As part of the national event bat week, and as a culminating project for the bat unit students have been learning about in their field studies class, students at Black Butte School built five bat houses. Bat houses help bats find shelter in areas where their habitat has been compromised due to human development, pollution, or other factors, such as climatic changes. Bats are so important to the ecosystem in and around Camp Sherman because they help to balance insect populations by reducing their numbers by the millions. In fact, one bat may consume 600 insects in an hour!  The students hope their hard work pays off in giving some bats a comfortable shelter in the upcoming year. 

The process of making the bat houses seemed easy at first, but students and teachers really had to work together to get the nails in right and line up all the pieces correctly. 

Of course many students were not too pleased with the loud banging of the hammer...and others reveled in it! 

The finishing touch was painting the boxes black to trap heat from the sun, keeping future bat residents toasty warm on cold days. 

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  1. Cody ~ what a great job on your blog. All of you are doing really really well with your writing skills. Keep it up! Jennifer