Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Trip to the Campsite

by Inanna M. (grade 6)

The Black Butte School camping trip was pretty fun! Thursday morning before we left, we looked at a map to try and figure out how long it might take us to get to our campsite. We thought maybe it would take an hour. Then we got our packs on and off we went! Even though we could have gotten to the campsite in an hour, it took us about 4-5 hours. We played lots of games and took lots of breaks. 
My favorite game was right after lunch. We were right next to a huge log. The whole idea of the game was to line up on the log--without anyone falling off --according to our birthdays, not years, but months! It didn’t matter if you were 12 or 5, we just had to line up from January birthdays to December birthdays. There were 6 summer birthdays and 5 Fall, Winter, and Spring birthdays. It was really fun! After that game we did a stick race, a.k.a. Pooh sticks, at a little bridge. I got second place the second time, which I felt pretty good about. 

We went the rest of the way to the campsite playing games and throwing berries at each other. Ultimately we ended up at our campsite where we were met by our families, ate great food (including s’mores!), told funny stories, and saw bats. The next day we hiked and played more games all the way back to school. It was a fun trip!

Sawyer's face pretty much sums up how much fun we all had camping!