Wednesday, October 31, 2018


By Lily (grade 5)

This year at Black Butte School we got up our tetherball up which has been down for a long time. The way you serve is you hold the ball and throw it up. The way to hit it without getting hurt, you hit the ball with your forearm. You can have fun without getting hurt. A lot of kids have fun playing it at recess and have competitions. Scott said, “It is very fun!”

Lots of the boys play two-hand touch football during recess and have a lot of fun with that as well. They usually play every recess. Ace said, “It is very, very fun.”  It’s one of their favorite fall sports to play. We play football in the spring as well.

Some of our kindergardeners play on the tire swings a lot at recess. They will call the name of the person they want to push them. They love the tire swings. They always have a lot of fun. They sing songs and laugh together every recess.

A lot of kids enjoy playing soccer at recess. And they have Mr. Sharp go into the shed and get soccer balls out, but there are not enough balls for everyone to play. So Mr. Sharp gets out volleyballs as well. Soccer is super fun and always is competitive and awesome. I hope that everyone has a great time at r


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