Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Black Butte Hike

By Rope (grade 7),

The Black Butte Hike is a pleasurable and dusty hike. Every year we get to go up to Black Butte as a school and hike it. Some parents come up and all the kids get good exercise and get to experience the Oregon weather. Black Butte is 3,076 feet tall and it is a 3 million year old volcano. It last erupted 1,430,000 years ago but it does not plan to erupt soon.

On the ride to the mountain we had a loud and bumpy ride. When we were on are way to Black Butte all the kids were loud and yelling but some kids were reading and doing homework and being quiet. When we hit the rock road up to the trailhead it got bumpy. When we hit the rocky road it got louder because the kids got more excited and more hyper and the bus started to rattle really loud which made it even louder. The teacher had to keep on telling the students to calm down and lower their voice.

During the hike it was very dusty and it was also really hot. All of the kids got really hot and some of the younger kids got dusted out by the taller and older kids. Some of the kids got to get carried by the older kids because they got to hot. When we got closer to the top we started to get little breezes of air which felt really good. We were lucky it was not like last year were it was freezing cold and very windy there was even little patches of snow on the ground last year. At least we had a nice day for a hike.

When we got to the top we at lunch and during lunch. We saw a sharp shinned hawk and it was cool. Then after we ate lunch we started to look at the mountains as a class and we looked and named the mountains we saw. We saw Mt.Hood, Mt.Jefferson, Broken Top, The Three Sisters, Hoodoo, Three Finger Jack, and the tallest point we saw was Mt.Adams which is all the way in Washington. When we were about to head down the mountain we saw a short horned lizard. 

The Black Butte hike was a exciting and awesome experience. Most of the kids are excited to go next year and you should go to. Lets just hope it is nice you go because you need to go on the right day.

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