Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Squirrels in the Fall

by Daniel (grade 7)
photo credit: lightpoet/123RF

Squirrels are getting ready for winter. They are putting leaves and pine needles into their dens for their nest. They are making their dens bigger. Ground squirrels can dig tunnels as long as twenty feet. All the squirrels are communicating to others, and helping other squirrels prepare for winter. They are a very social animals and often help each other.

Squirrels hunt for food during the fall. They harvest pine seeds, and other foods that have lots of fat, so they have food during winter. They can eat most seeds. They can also eat insects. They hibernate during winter. They sleep for one or two weeks. Then they eat some of the food they stored and go back to sleep. They can go for weeks without food. They are a very adaptable animal.

They are an amazing animal and can do a lot of different things. One of the many things is climbing. They are great climbers and can run up trees super fast. They can even jump more than ten feet. They are also known for there speed and agility. They are one of the most interesting animals on earth, and  we can learn a lot about them. Even if it's hard to live with them in your hair.

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