Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Phoenix Ries: Child Development Specialist

by Addison (grade 5)

Phoenix started at Black Butte School at the beginning of the school year. She seems super cool and we like her. Phoenix came to work at Black Butte School because she loves the size of the school and loves how much we go outdoors. She also loves our size so she can get to know all the families!

She wanted to be a school counselor because she likes to have relationships with the kids and their families. I've only talked with her once but it seems her counseling school payed off!! She is super awesome and exciting! I can’t wait to visit her again!

Phoenix likes to work with kids because she loves to work with their energy and we are all so lovable!  We do energy exercises Sometimes we have so much energy we can feel it! She also feels when working with kids there is hope. She is full of hope!

Phoenix is a great person and she is super cool and I hope you get to meet her yourself someday!

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