Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fall Sports

by Audrie (grade 6)

Fall is here! So that means we are bringing on the fall sports. Some of the sports kids in the area are playing are soccer, volleyball, and cross country.

We have some kids at BBS who play these sports. The people who play soccer are Clover and Zion. Clover says “I just like the thrill and the exhilaration of kicking the ball, and scoring goals, it’s  just super fun!" Soccer is a very popular sport. Some people may refer to soccer as football. Soccer has been around for a long time since about the 18th century. Sisters has some really good soccer teams. Just a few years ago the took first place in the state championships.

As I said, volleyball is also played a lot. At BBS we have two people who play volleyball, who are me and Maddie. There have been a few people who want to play volleyball, so Mr.Sharp has been letting us get some volleyballs out to play with at recess. Sisters also has an amazing volleyball they have gone to nationals a few times, and it is a start of a new season I can't wait to see what will happen this year.

And now Cross Country, we don’t  have any students who run cross country. But with Mr.Sharp we run on trails in Camp Sherman sometimes we run short distances and sometimes we just run in circles. Some former students have done cross country like Conner, who was here at BBS until about 1 year ago. He is still running cross country. At BBS we do a physical test so we run a mile every Spring and every Fall.

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