Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Wonders of Dance

by Maddie (grade 4)

This fall/winter season there are a lot of BBS students doing dance at the Sisters Dance Academy. There are  tons of different dances like jazz, hip hop, Irish, contemporary, and ballet. This season the theme for the show is Christmas Stories.

All the classes are doing Christmas songs from stories. You get to play games and have fun with friends and you can make new friends also. The teachers are really nice. Their names are Lonnie, Shannon, McKenna, Tiffany, and Kayla. These teachers will help you learn dance.   

At the recital tons of people are watching you do the dance that you learned. You will have a rehearsal before the recital to practice your final moves and learn the stage. For the recital you will have to wear a costume, at the end there is a finale. The finale is when all the classes get together and do a group dance. This year our recital is December 15th.   

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