Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Reptiles All Over

by Scott (grade 7)
Snake Hibernating

Most people don’t know what reptiles do in the winter and I would like to tell you in this article. A  lot of people don't know what a reptile is or they have made up some crazy idea of what they are. Let me tell you what they really are. Reptiles are cold blooded animals. That means their body temperature regulates depending on the temperature around them.  Hibernation is something a reptile does so they do not die in the winter and to get them ready to mate in the spring. They get ready for hibernation by eating as much as they can and then they go into a deep sleep for the winter like bears.      

Reptiles hibernate so they can mate. Reptiles mate in the spring  and to get ready to mate they have to hibernate. They hibernate by hiding in a very deep hole and sleeping until spring comes. When they hibernate you can often find several snakes in the same hole. They cannot hibernate if the hole is not deep enough.        

Snakes can hibernate anywhere it doesn't matter as long as the hole that they choose to hibernate is deep enough. When snakes hibernate they go into a very deep sleep. If they do not hibernate they will die because it is too cold for their bodies. They need a certain temperature to stay alive and healthy. Now you now what reptiles are doing this time of year.  

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